Since November 2017, I am a Postdoctoral Associate in Dr. Xing's lab.


My research interests are in genomics and human genetics. Currently, I study the genetics underlying female infertility.

Advanced maternal age is an established factor responsible for difficulties in conceiving, and growing evidence suggests genetic factors also exist.

Through the analysis of whole exome sequencing data, I look for disease-causing genes that contribute to the production of aneuploid eggs and female infertility. 


Current project

        Identification of genetic factors that contribute to the production of aneuploid eggs and female infertility.



         In June 2018, I have been awarded the Mistletoe Research Fellowship from the Mistletoe Foundation.   

         ASHG 2018: Reviewers’ Choice Abstract. Top 10% of poster abstracts.


Areas of research

        Human genetics

        NGS data analysis

        Mathematical modeling



        I am currently mentoring three undergraduate students.      


Previous research areas

        C. elegans: NGS data analysis; biology of sRNAs and chromatin remodeling events (work done at University of Utah and University of Toronto).

        Candida albicans: Mathematical modeling of host-pathogen interactions (work done at Humboldt University in Berlin).



        Papers can be accessed here.



        e-mail: katarzyna [dot] tyc [at] rutgers [dot] edu