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Research in our lab focuses on the inter-individual genomic diversity, and the impact of genomic variation.


Mobile DNA Element Biology

Mobile DNA elements account for at least 40%-50% of the content of mammalian genomes, including human…

Disease Gene Identification

Annotating function variants, assessing the likelihood a variant’s impact, and identifying candidate disease-causing genes…

Human Population

A good understanding of human evolution history can help us interpret the distributions of rare and common disease causing alleles…

Recent News

New Publication: massive proteogenomic screen for novel proteins

Our study on identifying novel proteins from mass-spec data using a proteogenomic approach is published in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. Congratulations to Xiaolong and Siqi!

Luisa joined the lab

Luisa Quezada is joining our lab for as a rotation student for her PhD study. Welcome Luisa!

New Publication: Identifying embryo aneuploidy risk genes using PGTA data

Our study on identifying embryo aneuploidy risk genes using ultra-low coverage whole-genome sequencing from preimplantation genetic testing (PGT-A) is published in¬†American Journal of Human Genetics. Congratulations to Siqi and all … Read More

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