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Research in our lab focuses on the inter-individual genomic diversity, and the impact of genomic variation.


Mobile DNA Element Biology

Mobile DNA elements account for at least 40%-50% of the content of mammalian genomes, including human…

Disease Gene Identification

Annotating function variants, assessing the likelihood a variant’s impact, and identifying candidate disease-causing genes…

Human Population

A good understanding of human evolution history can help us interpret the distributions of rare and common disease causing alleles…

Recent News

New Publication: Identifying embryo aneuploidy risk genes using PGTA data

Our study on identifying embryo aneuploidy risk genes using ultra-low coverage whole-genome sequencing from preimplantation genetic testing (PGT-A) is published in¬†American Journal of Human Genetics. Congratulations to Siqi and all … Read More

New Publication: Determine LINE expression using long-read sequencing

Our study on determining the expression of LINEs in human tissues and cell lines using long-read sequencing transcriptome data is published in Genes. Congratulations to all co-authors!

New Publication: Contribution of Structure Variation to Autism and Language Impairment.

Our study on determining the contribution of structure variations to the risk of ASD and language impairments in the NJLAGS cohort is published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Congratulations … Read More

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