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News 2013

New publication: Wang et. al., GBE, 2013 – 30 October 2013

Our study on early human evolution was published: Apparent Variation in Neanderthal Admixture among African Populations is Consistent with Gene Flow from non-African Populations. The manuscript can be found at our publication page.

New publication Xing et al Plos Genetics – 25 July 2013

Our study titled “Genomic analysis of nature selection and phenotypic variation in high-altitude Mongolians” was published in Plos Genetics. Please also see the news feature in ChinaDaily.

Research Spot Light Video – 11 July 2013

Details Category: News Dr. Xing describes his research on the human genome in a newly produced research spot light video.

Nan Wang joined the lab – 11 July 2013

Details Category: News After rotating with us for the summer, Nan Wang officially joined us as a Ph.D. student. Welcome Nan!

We now have a new website! – 11 July 2013

Details Category: News Thanks Anbo for putting it all together!