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News 2022

We attended 7th Annual MidAtlantic Bioinformatics Conference – 27 November 2022 Mani, Rohan, Siqi, Sammy, Jason, and Jin attended the 7th Annual MidAtlantic Bioinformatics Conference at Philadelphia. Sammy and Jason’s … Read More

News 2021

Farewell to Dr. Cao – 27 October 2021 Farewell to Dr. Cao After spending two and half years with us, Xiaolong is starting his faculty position at Zhujiang Hospital, Southern Medical … Read More

News 2020

New Publication: miRNA’s role in female infertility – 18 October 2020 Our study on the DNA variants in miRNAs and miRNA 3’UTR binding sites in female infertility patients is published … Read More

News 2019

New Publication: Nanopore sequencing SV call evaluation – 25 November 2019 Our study on evaluating structure variant calling using Nanopore sequencing data is published in the Benchmarking special issue of … Read More

News 2018

New Publication: CanSINEs in giant panda 2018 – 11 November 2018 Our paper describing the Can-SINE transposable elements in the giant panda genome is published in Mobile DNA. Katarzyna is … Read More

News 2017

New Publication: PipelineDog – 18 December 2017 Our paper describing Anbo’s pipeline construction tool PipelineDog is published in Bioinformatics. New Grant: Genetic Risk of Aneuploidy – 18 December 2017 We … Read More

News 2016

New Publication: NCL prevalence 2016 – 22 August 2016 Our study on determining the prevalence of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis using ExAC whole exome sequencing data is published in Gene. New … Read More

News 2015

New Publication: piRNA and EBLNs RNA 2015 – 07 September 2015 Our study on piRNAs derived from Endogenous bornavirus-like nucleoprotein elements (EBLNs) is published in RNA. Farewell to Erika – … Read More

News 2014

New Publication: SVA2 evolution Genes & Genomics 2014 – 17 November 2014 New Publication: Bat SINEs GBE 2015 Our study on SINEs in bats (genus Myotis) is published in GBE. … Read More

News 2013

New publication: Wang et. al., GBE, 2013 – 30 October 2013 Our study on early human evolution was published: Apparent Variation in Neanderthal Admixture among African Populations is Consistent with … Read More