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News 2020

New Publication: miRNA’s role in female infertility – 18 October 2020

Our study on the DNA variants in miRNAs and miRNA 3’UTR binding sites in female infertility patients is published in Laboratory Investigation.

New Publication: Genetic basis of maternally-derived aneuploid conceptions – 16 August 2020

Our study on the genetic basis of the maternally-derived aneuploid conceptions is published in Human Reproduction.

New Publication: Mobile Elements affect human tissue-specific gene expresion – 29 July 2020

Our study on mobile elements’ contribution to gene expression and alternative splicing in human tissues is published in Genome Biology.

Congratulations to Dr. Zhou! – 26 May 2020

After working with me for seven years (undergrad+PhD), Anbo passed his PhD defense today with impressive performance. Congrats Dr. Zhou!

Congratulations to our senior students! – 19 May 2020

This year we have the previlege to have three graduating seniors in the lab. All of them have accomplished their degrees with flying colors. Although I’m sorry that we can’t host departmental/lab celebrations given the current circumstances, I’m sure all of you will have bright future ahead of you.

  • Justin Koesterich: Major: Genetics, Minor: Criminology, Completed the Computational Genetics Certificate with Highest Honor
  • Hannah Lords: Major: Genetics, Minor: Computer Science, Completed the Computational Genetics Certificate with High Honor
  • Rohan Alibutud: Major: Genetics, Major: Evolutionary Anthropology, Completed the Anthropology Honors thesis entitled “prioritization of autism candidate genes from whole-genome sequences of autism families” with Highest Honor, received the prestigious Henry Rutgers Scholar Award and won the first prize for the Anthropology Honors Symposium.

Congratulations to Justin, Hannah, and Rohan!

Dr. Xing received Award for Excellence in Research – 09 May 2020

Dr. Xing received the Rutgers Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research for the academic year 2019-2020.

Krishnamurthy (Mani) Subramanian joined the lab – 01 May 2020

After spending some time in the lab as a visiting scholar, Mani is officially joining our lab for his PhD study in the Quantitative Biomedicine program. Welcome Mani!

Siqi Sun joined the lab – 01 May 2020

After doing her rotation with us, Siqi Sun is joining our lab for her PhD study. Welcome Siqi!

New Publication: Mathematical modeling of human oocyte aneuploidy – 01 May 2020

Our study using mathematical modelling to understand female meiosis errors is published in PNAS. You can see the press release here: Why Do So Many Pregnancies and In Vitro Fertilization Attempts Fail? .

New Publication: ME-Scan for multiple types of mobile elements – 25 February 2020

Our multi-ME family ME-Scan paper is published in Mobile DNA.