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News 2017

New Publication: PipelineDog – 18 December 2017

Our paper describing Anbo’s pipeline construction tool PipelineDog is published in Bioinformatics.

New Grant: Genetic Risk of Aneuploidy – 18 December 2017

We received an R01 grant from NICHD to identify genetic risk factors for aneuploid conception. Detail

Katarzyna joined the lab. – 09 November 2017

Dr Katarzyna Tyc joined our lab as a postdoc associate. Welcome Katarzyna!

New Publication: PNKD gene and Tourette Disorder – 27 September 2017

Our study on determining the role of PNKD gene in Tourette Disorder is published in Molecular Psychiatry. Here is a press release regarding the publication: Creating brain cells to detect Tourette’s.

New Publication: Whole exome sequencing in lysosomal storage diseases 2017 – 25 July 2017

Our study on identifying causal mutations in lysosomal storage diseases with unknown etiology using whole exome sequencing data is published in Human Mutation.

New Publication: Extreme low-coverage WGS in Indian populations 2017 – 23 May 2017

Our study on extreme low coverage whole genome sequencing (EXL-WGS) in Indian populations is published in BMC Genomics.

New Publication: de novo mutations in Tourette Disorder 2017 – 04 May 2017

Our study on de novo mutations in Tourette Disorder is published in Neuron. The study is featured on the cover of the journal. You can also read the news releases regarding the publication: Damaged genes considered high risk for developing tourette syndrome identified and First clear-cut risk genes for Tourette disorder revealed.