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News 2016

New Publication: NCL prevalence 2016 – 22 August 2016

Our study on determining the prevalence of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis using ExAC whole exome sequencing data is published in Gene.

New Publication: Biploar I Disorder 2016 – 02 August 2016

Our study on Bipoloar I Disorder in a multiplex family using Whole Genome Sequencing is published in Molecular Neuropsychiatry.

New Publication: ME-Scan-SVA 2016 – 01 August 2016

Our study on SVA elements using the Mobile Element Scanning (ME-Scan) method is published in Mobile DNA.

New Publication: Worldwide Wolf Diversity 2016 – 02 February 2016

Our study on the world wide grey wolf diversity and admixture is published in Genome Research.

New Grant: NIH Genome Sequencing Program – 26 January 2016

The NIH Genome Sequencing Program is officially announced (Press Release). Rutgers (PI Tara Matise and Steven Buyske, Co-I Jinchuan Xing) received a $3.8 million grant from NHGRI to run the coordinating center of the program.

New Publication: COPD WES 2016 – 07 January 2016

Our study on whole-exome sequencing based COPD disease gene identification is published in Human Genomics.